Award Coatings

April 21, 2021

As the only provider of Loxo cladding in Dunedin, you can be sure Award Coatings will do a top-quality installation job.

Whether you have a new build, or your current home needs a facelift, Award Coatings is one of the most trusted cladding businesses in Dunedin.

Award Coatings provides accurate quotes to install lightweight cladding and to carry out solid plastering and painting services across Dunedin.

The best cladding system

Compared to polystyrene cladding, Loxo wall panels are much better quality. Loxo cladding is fire resistant, environmentally-friendly to produce and offers great insulating properties.

High quality external plastering

Our rendering experts know how to apply solid plaster over current surfaces. Plastering over your brick or block creates a newer, more modern look that instantly improves your home exterior.

The best painters in Dunedin

For your new build or current home, Award Coatings can carry out indoor painting, wallpapering and decorating. Contact our painters and decorators today to arrange a free quote.


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