Clean AZ

October 26, 2020

Locally owned in Dunedin, Clean Az offers a full suite of cleaning services to Otago customers using eco-friendly products.

Restore your property, refresh your home or make your office look like new again with the cleaning services of our experienced team.

Clean Az is qualified to take on small and large cleaning contracts and offers professional cleaning services for domestic, industrial and commercial premises.

Commercial cleaning

Clean Az offers your industrial or commercial premises full, professional quality cleaning services from their qualified, experienced team. Call us today and let us make your property shine again.

Domestic house cleaning

Clean Az will save you valuable time and effort with our private house cleaning services. Our meticulous domestic cleaners will leave your house sparkling clean.

Protect your carpet with Clean Az

With the expert cleaning team at Clean Az, you can enjoy the many benefits of clean, flawless carpets and upholstery including a less allergenic atmosphere, a cleaner floor and a healthier home.


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