Dunedin Urgent Doctors

March 21, 2021

Our Dunedin based centre is open to all patients from international visitors to New Zealanders and Dunedin residents.

Owned by a collective of Dunedin General Practitioners, you can put your trust in Dunedin Urgent Doctors.

The Centre is equipped to deal with common medical conditions or accidents, including sports and industrial injuries.

Treatment and medical condition discussion

From the morning through to after hours, see one of our practitioners to discuss your condition or conditions and enquire about possible treatments and solutions with Dunedin Urgent Doctors.

X-ray and fracture clinic in central Dunedin

Suspect a broken or fractured bone? See us at Dunedin Urgent Doctors in our Dunedin based clinic for treatment, referral and an overall assessment from our physicians.

Book an appointment for immigration medical

Ensuring you have your passport as identification as you prepare to book, see our reception at Dunedin Urgent Doctors about an appointment for your immigration medical today.


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