Fire Protection Engineers

September 27, 2020

Our experts have undergone a high standard of training and have years of experience to make sure your fire protection system is safe and functional.

as your professional fire protection experts, we have the required knowledge, expertise, skill, training ans experience to get the job done.

For effective fire protection systems and sprinklers, contact our team at Fire Protection Engineers now.

Fire system design

The design of your fire protection system is important to not only be functional, but also fit in with the aesthetic of your building. Whether it be modern or an old, heritage building – our engineers can design a system perfect for you.

Clients from past works

We have completed many successful jobs in the past the span across the nine south Island power stations owned by Meridian Energy and Dunedin’s Railway Station and first Church.

About us

Before our fire protection system design company serviced all of New Zealand, we began as a small group servicing the Dunedin area back in 1993 and have continued our business with great success since.


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