April 11, 2021

Exercise your body safely with expert Pilates lessons, designed for you to improve balance, flexibility and strength.

Starting your exercise programme has never been easier than with our online booking.

At LWPilates, our sole purpose is to promote your overall fitness and wellbeing.

Pilates classes in Dunedin

Practised consistently, classes with LWPilates will reward you with increased lung capacity, better posture, improved flexibility, balance and strength.

Improving your overall fitness level

Pilates in Dunedin will benefit you whether you want to enhance your wellbeing or utilise Pilates as an addition to professional sports training or as physical rehabilitation.

Talk with our experts

Come and experience LWPilates Dunedin classes for yourself. If you have a particular concern, please contact LWPilates to book your one-to-one 45 minute assessment to target the problem.


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