Harrington Vaughan Academy of Hairdressing

September 30, 2020

A range of hairdressing qualifications is offered at HarringtonVaughan Academy of Hairdressing, suiting all levels. Practical experience is also gained.

HV Hair’s central Dunedin hairdressers is staffed by a team of qualified, experienced stylists

The range of cuts, colours and treatments offered at our salon will leave you feeling amazing.

Hairdressing programs

Each course offered, from foundation skills-building courses, or advanced stylist courses, is taught by qualified stylists.

Salons available

Two central Dunedin hairdressers – book an affordable haircut with a learner at the Academy Salon or choose to book at HV Hair, our professionally staffed salon.

Frequent questions

Our FAQs will answer any question you might have once you#ve decided we are the course for you.


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