Powerstrip Industries

February 5, 2021

Experts in rust removal, protection and paint stripping for a variety of metals, operating Auckland wide and welcoming enquires from throughout NZ.

Metal fences, cars, boats and outdoor furnishings, the experienced team will remove paint and rust ready for an improvement and full refurbishment.

From protective coatings to paint stripping for metal and plastic elements. Restore your old items too new for both industrial or residential needs.

Servicing the industrial sector

The dedicated team at powerstrip industries provide professional results for all paint removal and protection needs for our valued commercial and industrial clients. We see and restore everything from boat and vehicle parts to machinery and more.

Paint stripping for home contents

Save yourself some money and restore your current outdoor furniture and fixtures instead of purchasing new. Our team of professionals can efficiently strip and restore your items and have them looking like they’ve just been installed. Find out more.

More than just paint stripping

Ensure metal items are protected for longer with quality surface coatings. The crew at powerstrip industries are experts in zinc spraying and intumescent paint application. We also grit blast to best prepare metal objects for fresh paint jobs.

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