Tiger Tails Otago

February 10, 2021

To insulate electrical power lines, owner Ross Whitburn invented a WorkSafe-approved solution.

All line covers and tiger tails have been proven to safeguard against electrocution.

Using our safe line wraps ensure workers are safe when working near live power lines.

Power line insulation

For your safety, you can buy or rent our lines. No matter where in Dunedin you are based, please contact our professional power line insulators today.

Protective line covers

For temporary work near overhead power lines, you must protect your workers. Our protective line wraps insulate the live wires and safeguard anyone working near overhead lines.

Highly visible tiger tails

Are you working near live power lines? If so, our tiger tails offer insulation. They also serve as a warning that work is being carried out near electrical wires.


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