Recently Added Businesses

Waterproof coatings for leaky roofs. Roof restoration that looks great. Impermeable membranes for tank liners and beautiful deck shield surfaces
Leading broadband providers, offering fast and reliable internet services throughout New Zealand.
Nationwide delivery provided overnight for our range of print finishing supplies and products.
For delicious food and reliable event catering services, contact the team at Sweet as a Nut.
For all your Gib Stopping and Fibrous Plastering needs. Proudly operating throughout Dunedin
Uncover a treasure trove of the best New Zealand Kiwiana gifts, arts, and crafts online.
Otago's trusted cleaning company, with over a decade of experience performing flawless services.
Tiger Tails Otago provide an affordable system to keep anyone working near live power lines safe
New residential and commercial builds and renovations across Dunedin and the Otago region
Sub24 are creating natural, healthy skin care products for young and confident skin.

Local Business Of the Month

Granny Annies Sweet Shop

October 17, 2020

Based in Dunedin, Granny Annies makes the largest selection of delicious sweets and treats you can find in Dunedin.

Whether for you or someone else, our sweets are the perfect gift to brighten someone’s day.

If you’re not in Dunedin, you can still get your hands on our sweets with our nationwide NZ shipping.

Our Products

Are you a toffee fan? Fudge maybe? Or just plain old chocolate. At Granny Annies, we’ve got heaps of sweet treats available online. Choose from toffee, fudge and chocolates, or gummy, hard, and sour candies. The choice is up to you!

Occasional Sweets & Treats

Whether you’re just looking to brighten someone’s day or have an upcoming occasion, our gift boxes are the perfect option for you. We have Christmas and I love you sweets available, as well as gift boxes for that special someone.

International Sweets

We aim to provide our customers with the best sweets in New Zealand, and from around the world. We’ve expanded our range to include American sweets and UK groceries, as well as sugar free lollies for you.

NZ Modern School of Music Org

October 16, 2020

Teaching students around NZ to play various musical instruments, you can count on our qualified team of music tutors.

No matter where you live in New Zealand, the NZ Modern School of Music has expert music tutors available in every region.

Become a tutor and watch your students grow, with open positions for teaching at the school available today.

Music teachers available New Zealand wide

With music tutors available in every region of NZ, there’s no reason not to choose the NZ Modern School of Music. Lessons are introduced in a creative, entertaining manner while still teaching the student to improve their skills.

Join NZ Modern School of Music – become a music teacher

Pass on your musical expertise to another, with teaching positions available now throughout the country.. With the resources and students supplied for you, why not become a teacher at the NZ Modern School of Music today.

Offering music tutoring to individuals of all ages

Display your hard-earned skills at one of the many music competitions, sit a music exam or learn to play just for fun at the NZ Modern School of Music. We encourage all pupils in their learning efforts and teach everything from practical to theory.

Aloe Up

October 16, 2020

Our products are organic, reef friendly and fragrance free so that it doesn’t disturb your children.

Offering lotions, sunscreens, tanning oils, sunburn relief jellies, massage oils and lip balms.

Aloe Up is used by athletes around the world and locally including New Zealand’s beach volleyball team, olympic swimmers and the Cook Islands top female athlete Serena Hunter.

Online Store

Our product range offers only the best sunscreens for all needs, sanitizers, tanning oils, insect repellents and much more all available through our online store.

Find our Products

We spread our products across stores all around New Zealand, so that when you are out and about you can still find our premium and quality products no matter where you go.

About Us

Founded in the United States, Aloe Up Sunscreen New Zealand is a division of Hydro Surf here in Dunedin to supply the entire country with innovative and comfortable products.

Unlimited Environmental Solutions Ltd

October 16, 2020

Accept only the best with our range of services to ensure a safe and secure environment.

Our company aims to ease public concern around chemical security in building and demolition.

Our team is full of highly experienced and professional decontaminators and hazardous material managers.

About UES

Leading the charge in environmentally friendly services, we offer specialists in a vast range of expertise. We can assist you in asbestos removal to demolition and many in between.

Our Expertise

Not only will we successfully improve the environmental safety of your property but we will also deliver planning, analytics and documentation to support the project to ensure it runs perfectly.

Reach Us

Assisting the greater Wellington region we can be reached anytime and are ready to provide service for the Kapiti Coast, Palmerston North, Wellington and Napier.

The Good Oil Cafe

October 15, 2020

You can rely on The Good Oil Cafe for great quality food, fresh ingredients and drinks available from our wide selection.

Our multiple locations in Dunedin make getting to The Good Oil Cafe more convenient and easy.

See for yourself why our cinnamon swirls have earned us a great reputation in Dunedin and visit now.

Extraordinary service and coffee

The Good Oil Cafe has been thriving here in the Dunedin region since 2003, serving countless satisfied customers and regulars with fantastic food, friendly service and superior coffee.

Dunedin’s reputable cafe

Whether you are looking for cabinet food, something from the all-day à la carte menu or simply want a delicious, freshly made coffee, the welcoming staff at The Good Oil Cafe are here to help you.

Multiple locations for your convenience

Whether you are just visiting Dunedin, are here on work or living as a resident, see for yourself why we are such a popular cafe amongst the locals and be treated to the same fantastic service and food.

House of Hope

October 15, 2020

House of Hope is a rehabilitation centre based in Auckland run by a team of medical and counselling professionals.

House of Hope provides a rounded approach to recovery including therapy sessions, yoga and nutrition advice.

House of Hope offers private rooms for its patients to give privacy and quiet time with only a small number of patients on site at any time.

Treatment programme steps

House of Hope’s 12-step addiction treatment programme is designed to give addicts the tools to complete their recovery and move forward. Treatment includes monitored detox, therapy, yoga and aftercare for when the programme has finished.

Problems with alcohol

If your drinking is interfering with your everyday tasks or your relationships it is time to take action and enter a rehab programme. Rehab can help you reclaim your life.

Drug addiction and treatment

No one sets out to become a drug addict, but if that’s where you are now, then it is time to seek help. A rehab programme can help you look to a brighter future.

Adept Financial Supervision

October 15, 2020

Adept Financial Supervision is a registered IRD tax agent and Insolvency & Trustee Services Debt Repayment Order Supervisor.

We are a registered IRD tax agent and Insolvency & Trustee Services Debt Repayment Order Supervisor.

Financial management during bankruptcy is our forte. We can even arrange your Debt Repayment Order and take care of your small business bookkeeping.

Financial Supervisor

If you are bankrupt and want to stay in business you will need financial supervision. It is a requirement of the Official Assignee and the Inland Revenue Department. Learn more about financial supervision and how Adept Financial Supervision can help.

Debt Management

A Debt Repayment Order is one of the most popular options for bankrupts with the ability and willingness to pay back some debt to creditors. Get started here.

Bookkeeping Services

Financial management and bookkeeping services tailored to your business. Work with a Xero certified advisor with 20+ years financial experience. Select the services you need most and pay nothing extra.

Master Glaziers

October 14, 2020

Wellington’s trusted local glazier, contact Master Glazier for all the glazing and glass solutions you need.

Whether residential or commercial, get your property’s windows in better shape with fully certified replacement and installation services.

Master Glaziers are fully certified glaziers and can handle all types of glazing including new glass, glass repair or replacement.

Repairs and replacement

Ensure any damage to your windows is handled by a fully qualified and certified professional. At Master Glaziers, no matter where your property is in NZ, whether commercial or residential, our network of 65 nationwide experts can fix it.

Unsure about insurance?

If your windows have been broken and you’re wondering if your insurance can pay for it, contact Master Glaziers and we’ll make the process stress-free.

Double Glazing

High-quality double glazing can add value to your property as well as dramatically improving your living conditions, reducing noise and condensation and improving temperature control.

Dunedin Roofing Systems Ltd

October 14, 2020

Choose Dunedin Roofing Systems for all your re-roofing needs, replace your aged roof and find a new and improved one today!

New roofing enhances the look of your home and makes room for skylights and other great features.

Dunedin Roofing Systems are your dependable local experts with the knowledge and practical experience to handle all roofing services.

Finding the right roof for your home

Add value to your home while keeping the rain out and the warmth in. Dunedin Roofing Systems will give you the best advice for choosing a new roof best suited for your needs and environmental conditions.

Quality re-roofing services

Call on Dunedin Roofing Systems to take a look and give you a free no obligation quote. Have your roof replaced by the friendly and efficient team at Dunedin Roofing Systems.

Installing skylights in your home

There are so many reasons to choose natural lighting solutions in your home. Transform your home by creating a healthier and happier environment while saving money on power.

Cleaning Systems Limited

October 13, 2020

The team at Cleaning Systems Limited collectively have over 150 years of experience working in the cleaning business.

We provide a range of products for both commercial and non-commercial cleaning cleaning services.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best possible cleaning products, machines and services.

Our range of products

Cleaning Systems Limited offers a wide selection of different cleaning machinery and products. This includes equipment for commercial and domestic cleaning, carpeted and hard floors, and flood and fire restoration.

Training opportunities

As well as providing cleaning products and equipment, Cleaning Systems Limited offers training services in the cleaning industry. We specialise in several different training programs, including carpet cleaning, meth, pest control, flood restoration and hazardous environment cleaning programs.

Cleaning Parts and Services

We offer both parts for cleaning equipment, as well as services in the maintenance and repair of cleaning equipment. We have an extensive range of parts, from vacuum motors to valves and repair kits.

Work Safety & Apparel

October 13, 2020

Selling the cheapest high visibility clothing in New Zealand, we offer everything you would need.

Providing you with the leading ear and eye protection gear for cheap in New Zealand.

Selling the best height safety harnesses and equipment throughout New Zealand. Whether you are from Christchurch or Auckland you can buy from us.


We can be contacted via our telephone numbers (09) 537 6012 or 0800 37 37 76, our emails [email protected] or [email protected] or through our submission form.

Buy Clothing

Our apparel and safety solutions store offers a range of workwear and clothing suited to resist flames, water, dust and electricity, whatever situation you need we are here to solve it.

Skincare Products

We offer a range of sunscreens, conditioners, moisturisers, dispensers, sanitisters, hand cleaners and body washes for your skin care needs when working.

Paramount Services

October 12, 2020

Paramount Services provides professional office cleaning and commercial cleaning to a range of sectors.

Paramount Services offers one-off cleaning and regular cleaning contracts through its network of franchises across New Zealand.

Paramount Services has a clear focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning practices.

The customers we service

Paramount Services provides cleaning contracts to a range of businesses of all sizes as well as governments and public organisations. Our team works with education providers snd banks, in offices and retail spaces and industrial premises.

Our cleaning services

Paramount Services offers a full range of cleaning services including one-off cleans and regular contract cleaning. Our services include floor care, hygiene services, rubbish disposal and other general cleaning.

What makes us different?

Paramount Services is a customer-focused cleaning company with an emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning. Our franchisees are carefully selected and undergo thorough training and assessment.

Rochelle Crossman, Family Law Barrister

October 12, 2020

If you’re based in Dunedin and in need of a family lawyer, get in touch with Rochelle Crossman.

Rochelle is specialised in family law, covering more than one aspect of family disputes, separation and more.

If your local to Dunedin or not, Rochelle can still represent you and offer you exceptional law advice.

Rochelle’s Expertise

Family law is often complicated, stressful and emotional for all involved. With Rochelle, you can be assured that with her background, she can help resolve all your separation, relationship property, child guardianship issues and more.

What to expect

Making sure you have the right person representing you is crucial. Being an approachable, trustworthy, and professional family lawyer, Rochelle is dedicated to finding the best possible resolution for you and your family during this stressful time.

Book an Appointment

Don’t delay in hiring the best lawyer for you and your family. Get in touch with Rochelle today and book an initial appointment to find out what she can do best for you. In some cases, free or unbundled advice may be able to be given.

Roslyn Mowers & Heating

October 11, 2020

Over 50 years worth of experience selling lawn mowers and outdoor power equipment.

If you’re not sure what you need for the job, we will give you our expert advice so you won’t go wrong.

See obligation-free demonstrations of power tools and equipment in store and meet the friendly team.

Superior Mowers & Power Equipment

For outdoor equipment from new lawn mowers, Husqvarna mowers, trimmers, chainsaws to bush cutters. Be sure to see us for free in-store demos!

Skilled Repairs & Maintenance

Contact us today to book a pick-up to have your equipment conveniently and quickly collected for repairs by our highly skilled staff.

Expert Heating Sales & Repairs

Roslyn Mowers & Heating stocks clean air fires, free standing fires, inbuilt fires, multi-fuel fires and rural fires while we provide expert advice, certified wood fire installation by an LBP and after-care maintenance.


October 11, 2020

Security management to keep you and your people prepared and safe, wherever your business, school, gym or sports event are located.

Expert workplace health and safety assessments and staff training on a range of issues including workplace conflict and disaster management.

Security specialists to help assess, prepare and protect your NZ workplace, whatever the crisis.

Consultants for safety and security

Full emergency preparedness risk assessments of safety threats to your people, workplace, home or event. OPSEC will work with you to make a plan for a future emergency or to help manage an incident that’s already happened.

Training to empower your team

Empowering teams to be safe and secure in all situations, with a full programme of tailored personal safety workshops, including training in managing workplace conflict, suspicious mail threats and lockdown procedures.

Operational security services

Security and safety consultancy services for at-risk environments or situations, offering on-the-ground protection and surveillance operations.

Zaibatsu Hair Art

October 10, 2020

Zaibatsu Hair Art offers you the best salon experience in Dunedin – one that will leave you looking fabulous and feeling it as well.

Zaibatsu is a modern, bright and airy salon located in the lovely St Clair suburb of Dunedin.

Using high-quality products, our amazing stylists create the perfect look for each client.

Services offered at the salon

At Zaibatsu Hair Art we offer a range of services from cuts to colours and more for men, women and children. A visit to our salon leaves you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Our team of stylists

Zaibatsu Hair Art’s styling team are friendly and welcoming and offer you all the experience you’d expect in a leading salon. Our team are dedicated to giving each client a style that really suits.

Products for sale to use at home

To help you keep your salon style hair at home, we offer a range of high-quality products from leading brands including hair dryers and styling tools. Or pick up a gift voucher and give someone else the gift of a Zaibatsu Hair Art visit.

October 9, 2020

Servicing the Dunedin area for 16 years, we offer a personalized, custom commercial cleaning service.

Experienced and with a wealth of industry knowledge, our team are the commercial cleaning specialists you can rely on.

Dunedin based specialists in commercial cleaning services such as floor maintenance and surface restoration.

Flawless cleaning for business owners

No matter what industry your business belongs to, the General Property Services crew have the equipment and expertise to clean it. The new, cutting-edge technology we use leaves a flawless finish every time.

Thorough commercial cleaning for your retail building

With personal maintenance programmes differing from client to client, the General Property Services team can provide what your retail location needs. We cater to your requirements, offering a meticulous clean that will leave the place spotless.

Professional floor cleaning team

Ensure your floors are looking spotless with the floor care specialists at General Property Services. We have the right equipment and experience for the job, making sure your retail or commercial floors are left looking like new again.

Innovative Packaging

October 9, 2020

Innovative Packaging: solutions that work for you, your customers and your business

Here at innovative packaging, we bring our expertise and industry to you. Get it time during the first time and every time, no stress about wasted goods, time and customer complaints.

We see to it that the finest products with a reasonable price will be provided to you. We stock a wide range of packaging systems and solutions.

Dairy Packaging & Consumables

We have been the leading dairy packaging manufacturers in New Zealand since 1996. With a range of packaging options as extensive as the types of cheese, we will have the dairy packaging solution for you.

Industrial Supplies & Packaging

If you need wholesale industrial packaging supplies, Innovative Packaging can help. For anything from adhesive tape to cordage tools to ripack heat shrink guns, we’ve got it all.

Heat sealers, IML containers and more

For all your heat sealing needs, we also supply a range of hand held, foot operated and bench top heat sealing solutions. Alternatively, you can have your own custom made packaging to suit your individual brand.

Home Transfer Centre

October 9, 2020

Since 1989, Home Transfer Centre has been providing the people of New Zealand with services in property conveyancing.

The successful selling and buying of property is handled by our team of experienced property lawyers.

Advice on legal matters, estate plans, will and trust services, and the buying and selling of property are just some of the legal services we offer.

Conveyancing Options

When buying and selling property, Home Transfer Centre’s conveyancing lawyers are experienced in providing quality conveyancing services at a reasonable fixed fee. We offer advice online, over the phone and in person.

Estates and will management

The preparation of wills and trusts can be done through our services, as estate planning ensures that your assets are correctly distributed. We tailor our advice to fit your individual circumstances.

Pricing and Quotes

With the inclusion of GST and disbursements, Home Transfer Centre offers quotes on the prices of both purchasing and selling residential real estate.

Notion Fashion

October 8, 2020

Showcasing New Zealand designer pieces, Notion is your top online fashion boutique.

At Notion, we’re passionate about bringing you fashion clothing from top and emerging designers from around New Zealand.

With nationwide and international delivery, you can have your designer womens or mens clothing and accessories in no time.

Latest Arrivals & Clothing

We’re constantly updating our range to bring you the latest, hottest trends in New Zealand fashion. With mens and womens fashion clothing, as well as handbags and jewellery, you can find all the most recent styles right here.

New Zealand Designers

Showcasing the emerging and leading designers in NZ is what we love to do. That’s why we highlight a range of talented NZ designers in our range, including Zoe Karssen, Jane Sutherland, Lapin, Minicami and more.

Get the right size

We understand the struggles of online shopping and not knowing which size is best for you. Using our ‘My Size’ tool, we’ll make sure you get the right fit the first time depending on the details you give us.

Ergonomic Office

October 8, 2020

Office furniture specialists Ergo Furniture are here to help source and supply your total office furniture needs.

Whether you need a stapler, whiteboard, or a total office fit-out, we can help supply you with all the best office furniture you want.

At Ergo Office we don’t just sell to you, but listen to your needs and recommend the best product specific for you.

Latest Products

Decorate your office with the latest furniture ranges, and be surrounding by industry leading seats, desks, accessories and more. Our latest additions are the motion office and acoustic seating ranges, check it out today!

Office & Commercial Seating

Having comfortable seating in your office is a must. Choose from our range of task, executive, meeting, or specialised seating to fit your office out with. For commercial clients, we also supply cafe and public seating.

Office Desks

Complete your office fit-out with some of our high quality desks and workspaces. You can choose desks to suit your employee needs and office style, including height adjustable workstations, fixed desks, corner workstations and more.


October 7, 2020

Alarmtek offers an extensive variety of security solutions including CCTV camera installation.

If you are looking for an individual security solution, contact Alarmtek with your requirements.

Throughout the country, Alarmtek source, install and maintain alarm systems from leading brands.

Professional security company

If you are looking for a trusted NZ security company, look no further than Alarmtek. Alarmtek is owned by Marc Cotter who has more than two decades in the security industry.

Home security camera system

Home camera systems only work if you know how to use them effectively. At Alarmtek, we provide security systems that are easy to use and suit the requirements and budget of your family.

Commercial alarm monitoring

Installing a burglar alarm at your commercial premises is the minimum security requirement. Whilst this may act as a deterrent, it is advised that you also get 24-hour alarm monitoring. Contact us today.


October 6, 2020

QPower provides diesel generators for commercial and industrial use across New Zealand.

QPower has a range of power generators from leading brands for long and short-term rental and for sale.

QPower backs all its generator sales and rentals with professional maintenance and servicing.

Power Generator Hire

Quality power generators for back-up or emergency supply or constant generation for long-term or short-term hire. Cost-effective options for all supply needs.

Power Generator Sales

New and used diesel power generators for sale for temporary or permanent use. Generators come in a range of sizes and can be supplied with necessary testing equipment and accessories.

Generator Maintenance and Servicing

QPower has qualified technicians on call 24/7 to deal with emergency repairs to generators as well as offering regular maintenance and online monitoring options.

Stonex Jewellers

October 6, 2020

Stonex Jewellers offer Mens and Women’s Jewellery and Watches to suit every occasion and everybody’s taste.

Each of our jewellers maintain professional standard with every piece of precious jewellery they create.

For more personalised taste, you can make an appointment to sit down with our experienced jeweller and design your own piece.

Our past

Owned and operated by a New Zealand family and with 21 years of experience, Stonex Jewellers are continually advancing. Providing New Zealanders with the friendly service and a modern store.

Our Jewellers

Stonex Jewellers can help you choose the perfect ring, bracelet, watch or necklace for you or someone special. We offer expert hands and helpful service required when buying precious jewellery.

Our core principle

We bring compassion, integrity, innovation and excellence to every customer and every project as the fundamental values of the Stonex company.

Web Genius

October 6, 2020

A well-designed website is a must for your business to generate new leads and Web Genius can help.

Online marketing should also include other options such as Google Ads and extra search engine optimisation.

Web Genius is a leading New Zealand-based web development company and can help with your online marketing needs.

Websites for lead generation

Get a website designed and written especially to generate leads for small businesses. The design and content is backed by expert keyword rankings for first page search results.

Search engine optimisation

For businesses in competitive niches or geographical areas, search engine optimisation can help improve search results. Search engine optimisation involves work both on the page and behind the scenes.

Google Ads campaign for business

Google Ads are paid search results which offer s quick way of generating interest in a business and leads. Ads can be targeted at specific markets or for specific services.

Easy Big Trees

October 5, 2020

Based in Southland, Easy Big trees has over 70,000 plants in stock on 30 acres, making us the biggest plant supplier in the South Island.

Our nursery delivers orders for large landscaping projects, wholesale plants for nurseries, and trees and shrubs to residential customers.

With a history dating back over 100 years, our nursery is passionate about delivering top-quality plants, no matter where you are in New Zealand.

Wholesale trees for nurseries

Big Easy Trees supplies New Zealand nurseries with consistently great trees and shrubs at wholesale prices with flexible supply arrangements. We employ the innovative Root Pouch growing system for healthier plants.

Large-scale planting projects

Easy Big Trees has all the plants you need to make an instant impact for your large landscaping projects, including deciduous trees and evergreen trees. We have a range of commercial clients from developers and councils to landscape designers.

Plants for residential customers

Easy Big Trees can supply home gardeners with something special for big gardening projects. Check out our easy 6-step planting guide to ensure the success of your new plants.

EcoDemo Windows & Doors

October 5, 2020

If you are seeking economical prices for aluminium joinery, contact EcoDemo Windows & Doors.

Competitively-priced aluminium joinery is shipped throughout NZ from our Auckland and Wellington warehouses.

For customised and off-the-shelf aluminium doors and windows, get in touch with us today.

Standard-sized aluminium joinery

From either our Auckland or Lower Hutt warehouse you can purchase standard-sized aluminium windows and doors at extremely cost-effective prices. Contact us with your requirements and our knowledgeable staff will happily assist you.

Affordable aluminium windows

At EcoDemo Windows & Doors we have aluminium windows to suit every price-point. You can purchase refurbished aluminium windows; standard sized aluminium windows and custom aluminium windows all at competitive prices.

Standard sized aluminium doors

Are you looking for a custom-sized aluminium door? If so, EcoDemo Windows & Doors offer great prices for new aluminium doors that are manufactured to your exact specifications. Contact us now.

Flourish Gardens

October 4, 2020

Flourish Gardens provide personalised garden design advice that you can count on.

Start to enjoy your outdoor space with a professional landscaping design you’re bound to love.

Every garden is unique, and we’re here to help you discover the perfect garden landscape design for you & your home.

Design Ideas

We want to help make your garden design dreams a reality. By getting your initial ideas down on paper, we can help build a detailed garden layout that will help achieve your ideal garden outcome.

Garden Consutlancy Services

To ensure we create the perfect design for your garden, we’ll send a professional garden design consultant to spend time with you in your garden. They’ll provide their expert advice that will help create the best landscaping design for your garden.

Plants for your Garden

Once we’ve created a design perfect for your garden that you’re happy with, we’ll use the best quality plants and landscaping supplies you can get in Auckland.

Concept Secretarial Services

October 4, 2020

Administrative pressures getting in the way of business growth strategies?

Concept Secretarial Services delivers support services to small- and medium-sized businesses and professionals throughout New Zealand.

Ask us about audio and video transcription, legal and business document finalisation and small business bookkeeping.

Secretarial services

When there is not enough time in the week to get everything done, Concept Secretarial Services delivers reliable secretarial support – from audio file and video transcriptions to copy typing.

Document preparation services

Get your documents completed on time and to the highest standard using our business and legal document preparation services, which include formatting and proofreading.

Small business financial services

Concept Secretarial Services will manage the bookkeeping for your small business, improve your systems and provide practical advice on ways to improve business performance.

Buy Bullion

October 3, 2020

We deal gold and silver bars, rounds and coins from Christchurch, Dunedin and Wellington.

We offer our services of buying and selling gold and silver online, anywhere in New Zealand.

Our service offers the best prices, priding on value, integrity and bulk sale prices.

Silver Investment

We have silver in coins, bars and other forms. We offer next day delivery to anyone anywhere in New Zealand. Offering vault storage in Dunedin and delivery included in cost of silver.

Investing in Gold

We have priced our gold so that you get the most out of your investment. Offering gold bars, coins and many other forms for yours specific needs and wants.


We have our own secure vault with many storage options including safe boxes both inside and out of the treasury for different security needs and wants.